John Shearer
Wine Judge
"2012 Bodhi Tree Shiraz - Colour 3 Dark burgundy colour, I thought it was a little too dark for shiraz so held my powerful torch for a closer look - perfect! Nose 6.5 - surprised by the complexity of this McLaren Vale shiraz, I was expecting a typical fruity wine with some berry flavours! I noticed various spicy and almost peppery scents, a truly vibrant nose! Taste 8.5 The big taste test. My palette wasn't disappointed. Excellent tannins and longevity around the back of my mouth. Beautiful deep fruit flavours, like blackberry, strawberry & blueberry all rolled into one. It actually hang around for a long time. This is no mass produced wine but obviously made with much love & passion! Well done! Final score - 18 High Silver Medal Highly Recommended!"