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  • our most economical purchase option is our 12-pack
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  • with every 12-pack of our shiraz, a gorgeous rose crystal tumblestone that has been dug into the earth in the centre of our vineyard, under the moon and the stars, gathering beautiful high-vibe energy to add further support, love and good vibes to your day!

“After being out of stock for many months,

we welcome the release of our 2020 Vintage on the March 20 equinox”

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♥ Harvest began in March 2020 with a group of girlfriends handpicking grapes under a starry sky on Friday 13th – a day known back in history as a day of the Goddess. With the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine energy that we are now in, we tip our hats to you Mother Nature and your divine timing.

“Did you know? Every case you purchase also receives an individual blessing, and has done so since our first vintage in 2012. The address label is applied, then I spend time to connect in with your wine and to bring through blessings specifically for you, sometimes additional blessings for your family come through too. Blessings over 300 individual cases over a year is sustainable and something I just love to do. 3,600 (300 x 12) additional individual bottle blessings might require me to go sit in a cave somewhere full-time 😀 . It’s an honour, to take time for each case, each person and connect in to wish you some peace, love, joy and all good things for you in your life.”

“2012 Bodhi Tree Shiraz – Colour 3 Dark burgundy colour, I thought it was a little too dark for shiraz so held my powerful torch for a closer look – perfect! Nose 6.5 – surprised by the complexity of this McLaren Vale shiraz, I was expecting a typical fruity wine with some berry flavours but…wow! I noticed various spicy and almost peppery scents, a truly vibrant nose! Taste 8.5 The big taste test. My palette wasn’t disappointed. Excellent tannins and longevity around the back of my mouth. Beautiful deep fruit flavours, like blackberry, strawberry & blueberry all rolled into one. It actually hang around for a long time. This is no mass produced wine but obviously made with much love & passion! Well done! Final score – 18 High Silver Medal Highly Recommended!”

John Shearer Wine Judge
John Shearer

“McLaren Vale is synonymous with good Shiraz and the Bodhi Tree 2012 is no exception. Bright sweet ripe fruits with beautifully handled oak complexity makes the aroma immediately appealing and the first mouthful leaves one in no doubt that this is serious stuff indeed. Whilst maybe not as heavy as some from this region there is heaps of fruit flavour and lovely balancing ripe tannins to finish it off. Exceptional value for money in my book!”

Ian McKenzie Wine Society Tasting Panellist
Ian McKenzie

“We would like to express our appreciation of the excellent and most friendly service and quick delivery of our wine from Bodhi Tree.
The vineyard is nurtured from a unique holistic perspective with much care and attention, producing a very vegan, organic, friendly wine that has a flavoursome character. Mother Earth at her best.
Thank you for no headaches and a very enjoyable experience of our tastebuds with every glass.
Highly recommended.”

Marilyn & Frank Brisbane, Qld
Marilyn & Frank

“Delicious! I have had many, many bottles of this divine wine. I save it for taking to dinner parties as it has a good story and my friends enjoy it too. Lovely flavour and body. Infused with high vibrations and love. I highly recommend this South Australian treasure.”

Lucy Deslandes  Energy Magic… Intuitive Artist, Qld
Lucy Deslandes

“Drinking a glass of your Bodhi Tree. Damn delicious! A big beautiful wine full of good energy. Thanks for the lovely gift 😀

Cherise Vallet Thrive Therapeutic Yoga & Mindfulness, S.A
Cherise Vallet

“Thank you Fiona for the lovely time we had at your cellar door opening. We wish you all the best for the future. We know you will do well as you are lovely, kindhearted people who have a lovely spot and beautiful wine made with love. Danielle and Loneice xx”

Danielle Harden Vet nurse, yogi & essential oils advocate – at Blissful Essentials, S.A.
Danielle Harden

“Fiona, I am not normally much of a red drinker but as I walked out the door to a friends last night I grabbed the bottle of Shiraz that you gave me for Christmas…AMAZING! I am now officially a red drinker. It was so beautiful to drink and I can not wait to finish it later today!”

Sari Earl Toddler Sense, Morphett Vale, S.A.
Sari Earl

“The most beautiful wine I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying…. The wine is truly divine”

Wendy Matthews Wendy Jane's Kitchen - vegan & GF catering
Wendy Matthews

“Bliss in a bottle… There’s soul in the soil… Divine wine… I feel like I’m drinking in Mother Nature… Wow! I can feel my heart energy expanding!… Feel the love!… A bottle of blessings… Elixir of life… Happy heart tonic… Pure alchemy!… Delicious for the soul”

Tasting feedback/comments from festivals & events 
Tasting feedback/comments from festivals & events

“I’m not much of a drinker but I can certainly appreciate the smell and taste of a good red wine. Bodhi Tree shiraz is local, organically-grown and made with love, so it ticks all my boxes. I have restocked our cellar this week, as I love to give it away to our friends and family as well. Thank you for infusing your delightful energy into this Fiona”

Carol Kretschmer Carol's Healing From Within, S.A.
Carol Kretschmer

“We love a good McLaren Vale Shiraz and yours is definitely one! We have already enjoyed several orders of this wine. Also love the philosophy that accompanies the making of this wine, the essence of which is definitely captured in the wine”

Helen Ali-Haapala Your Life Results, Sydney NSW
Helen Ali-Haapala

“Absolutely adore this wine. Delicious, stunning, pure and you can feel the love that has gone into creating it in every drop.”

Sara Brooke The Space in Between, Kensington Vic
Sara Brooke

“I was shopping around for a Vegan wine to gift to my son’s Kinder Teacher. Well, I’m not sure the teacher will be getting her bottle as I sampled it myself – it was simply Amazing and Delicious! From order to door the process was simple and efficient! I will definitely be a returning customer! 🙂 “

Noemi Storme Northern Star Aerospace, Vic
Noemi Storme
“I have just had a glass (or two) of the new vintage. It is delicious! I am not a wine expert by any means but I look forward to drinking BodhiTreeWines Shiraz both for the deliciousness and for the beautiful energy (which I don’t get from other wines). Thank you. I am a very happy customer 😀  Xx” (Vintage 2020)
Michelle Miller Adelaide, S.A.
Michelle Miller

“Your wine is divine. Just need to hide it from my partner! I’ll definitely be purchasing more and I’ll be sharing it at a celebration tonight.” (Vintage 2020)

Amanda Whitton Pure Tribe - goddess candles, sacred gems jewellery
Amanda Whitton

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“Dense violet/ruby in colour. Vibrantly floral and redberries/plums and lush milk chocolate with underlying fennel notes on the nose. The flavours burst of ripe, juicy red plums, pomegrante and milk chocolate with subtle licorice root and fresh-sawn cedar notes on the palate…

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