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Bodhi Tree Wines Shiraz is an organically-grown wine made with love and entirely grown on our little 3 acre vineyard nestled in the picturesque region of McLaren Vale, South Australia.

Exploring and integrating natural energy and eco-principles wherever possible, has resulted in a vegan-friendly wine with deep flavours and divine taste, expressing the care and energy captured from the land and enhanced through the grape growing and wine making journey.

Crystals have been planted in our vineyard to infuse higher energy, love and positive intention into our grapes and into our wine. Blessings have been done on this land including those at women’s workshops and gatherings here. Quite simply, we’re sharing the love

Raise your glass, raise your vibration.

Relax, connect, enjoy with Bodhi Tree Wines

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Our Story

The beautiful region of McLaren Vale has been our home for almost 20 years. Several years ago, a vivid dream set the beginning of a new adventure and I began my quest to find a very special little parcel of land and vineyard for my family. Already very happy and contented with my work as a teacher, kinesiologist and meditation teacher, Iogic would try to argue against following the vision. However the pull was so strong and many synchronicities confirmed my feeling in the end to simply go with it. The right people, opportunities and property then came my way. My other work was helping people find a sense of balance again, to reconnect to themselves, to learn and grow, and move on to feel a sense of joy, purpose and light again in their lives. To some, merging this existing work and purpose with my new role as a farmer, may have seemed poles apart. Working on the land, I began to realise that nature may, in fact, be our greatest healer and teacher and that my own personal purpose in life merged seamlessly into working the land and creating a wine that brings this energy through in a form that people can take in, mindfully, consciously, savouring the moment. Good energy bottled!


Our Philosophy

Honesty and integrity are our foundation values. From this base, strongly grounded, all things can grow, purely and in alignment with a greater purpose.

We believe in creative expression and breaking out of the norms. We believe that more play, fun and light-heartedness in our lives makes for happier, healthier people. We believe that giving our authentic self the freedom to express and be heard/seen/tasted helps to give others their own permission to allow their authentic self to be expressed too.

We understand that sometimes our lives can become complicated and that we can often feel disconnected. We believe that the secret in life is connection and that at any time we have the ability to reconnect through a deep breath, a walk in nature or a conscious sip of wine.

We believe in the magic of ritual. When we raise a glass of our wine, we can acknowledge and thank nature and all the good things in our lives, sitting in a state of gratitude. As we take that sip in, we feel that expand out from our chest, heart chakra expanding and with it, a greater feeling of love. We believe in love and that it is the greatest power/aim/state of being and that love holds the ability to move mountains!

We believe that science continues to provide us with many great breakthroughs (and shortcuts that can make life a little easier), yet we also acknowledge the need to remain open to things we yet don’t understand, to be willing to explore new paths and possibilities and allow intuition to the guide the way.

We believe that nature is healing and keeping things as simple as we can is beneficial for the environment, ourselves and our collective future.

In the vineyard, we keep things simple. We use organic products and practices. In the winter you’ll usually find us bringing in sheep from a friend’s nearby biodynamic farm to maintain the grasses and reduce the weeds. We also incorporate some biodynamic practices, such as following the moon cycles for planting and pruning. Sometimes special celestial events are honoured and worked with also.

We work with the energy of the land here. We’ve gridded the vineyard with gorgeous high-vibing crystals, and rose quartz crystals sit with our barrels as our wine is maturing, allowing more of that love energy to permeate through. As avid life-learners, we’ve had workshops here including Holistic Management and Earth Energies by interstate teachers, where around a dozen of us learned to dowse the energy lines on the property and activated these with “Towers of Power” filled with crystals. We’ve been told many times now, from people ”in the know” that this land has sacred feminine energy running through it. It’s really no surprise then that we’ve just happened to have had many women’s workshops here also and a regular meditation circle.

It’s our belief that there is a purer, higher-vibration energy here that runs through the land, the vines and the grapes is now also in our wine that you are drinking in. Our intention is that not only do you enjoy our wine, but that you take in a higher energy that brings you more joy and where you take a mindful moment, savouring the special things in life.

I share your vibe, sister!

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Our Team

“No man is an island” – and no woman either! Teamwork is integral. Simon Parker brings a wealth of expertise as our winemaker. Thankfully with all that science, he’s also open-minded to work with the out-of-the-box practices that we have going!
We’re hands-on, small-scale farming, and ably guided by viticulturist Troy Elliker from one of McLaren Vale’s leading organic & biodynamic wineries, Gemtree. We’re grateful for family & friends, many who work in the wine industry, who have also lent their knowledge and skills.
A team of wonderful friends help us with pruning the vines, picking the grapes at harvest, and helping at opens and events. They are usually working in the healing industry in their “day jobs” – whether it be mainstream or complementary, or some have both going on. We’re grateful for friends with good hearts – their amazing energy goes into our vineyard also. Life’s so much better with friends who share that same bigger vision and who are a joy to work with!


We have cellar door opens only a few times per year, usually on a weekend on or near the solstice and equinox. We send an invitation out to our members, so be sure to become a member (via the footer) and/or join our community on facebook.

We love bringing people together to share and learn. Whether I’m the teacher, co-teacher or event host for other teachers (from SA & interstate), I’m also the learner and value that we are all participants, learning and growing together.

Our most recent workshop was Vision For Life, on Sunday 02/02/2020. Please join our newsletter or keep an eye on our social media to learn how you can join us the next time we run this gorgeous event, to experience some well-deserved nurturing and be guided to create some life-planning to get you set up beautifully for your new year.

Other events we’ve held here include:

  • Energy & Chakras
  • Earth Energies – divination & mapping of earth energy lines
  • Holistic Management
  • Rhythmic Movement Training for learning difficulties
  • Earth Chakra Alignments – meditation & yoga
  • Cacao Yoga Ceremony
  • Zentangles – meditative mandala art

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Wishing you love, joy and nature’s healing energy!

Fiona and the team at Bodhi Tree Wines